The Kingdom of Drakkar

Welcome to the Kingdom of Drakkar! On this and the pages yet to come, I hope to answer some questions you may have about the game. If this includes hints for hunting, the best places to go for skill gain, the best way(s) to kill a lair critter, or or just general information about the game, then so be it. If this offends you, or you feel that I'm giving out 'secrets', the hit your HOME button now and run back to your home page least you see to much and learn something. :)

What I hope to accomplish here in these pages, is to give newcommers, and hopefully oldtimers as well, a place where they can find info on things that they are having trouble with in the game. Hopefully, in the very near future, I will have a 'Hall of Fame' where everyone can see the famous people who visit these pages. Also, a place where you can leave your requests for info, if its not to be found elsewhere.

This is an introduction to Drakkar take directly from the manual.
This is the version notes to 1.30.36 in HTML Format with Index
This is a Skill Table compiled by Benedict. Very well done.
This link will take you to the Basics of character generation.
More links to follow.......

Links to Drakkar related Pages

Below is a pair of links to the only other pages that I know of. If you have one and want it to be included, please send mail to me by clicking on my email address at the bottom if your Browers supports mail and I'll add you in.

Benedict's FTP site

Sting's Drakkar Home Page

More to come......

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