Quilting is another art form that I dearly love. I usually make my quilt tops during the warm months and then I hand quilt them and finish them off during the colder months. I find my fabrics at different stores and occasionally find a treasure trove at garage sales or antique stores. My preferred backing for almost all my quilts is a microplush blanket. If you watch stores towards the middle of the winter months you can often find the microplush blankets on sale or clearance for pennies. My family loves the soft feel of the microplush blanket against their skin and also think it gives a much higher degree of warmth. When each of my children went off for their first year of college, I made them a quilt and sent it with them. I told them that if they ever got lonely or felt homesick, all they had to do was wrap up in that quilt to get a "hug" from Mom. Granted, it is not the same as getting a real hug from me, but it was the next best thing! Nothing says "Love" like a nice warm homemade quilt!

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