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In the Summer of 2012, my family built a greenhouse for me. I won't actually get to use the greenhouse until the Spring of 2013, but I am avidly looking forward to this journey!!!

Photos to come!

Every summer my family and I grow fresh veggies in our raised bed gardens. Nothing says "warm temps and gentle breezes" like getting your hands in the dirt and growing things! We also do some canning and eat a lot of fresh foods all summer long.

More information and photos to come.

I love raspberries and have had a raspberry patch every where we've lived. I have a nice patch of black raspberries on one side of my large backyard and one patch of red raspberries on the other side of the backyard. Note here: never ever plant black and red raspberries next to each other they don't play well together. Separate them and they will be much happier!

I also quite enjoy having fruit trees. We have one sad little apple tree, which I call the "Charlie Brown Apple Tree". We found it late one summer at a local nursery, just sitting all alone in the clearance area. No one wanted the poor, little apple tree, so we brought it home and planted it. It is suppose to bear 4 different varieties of apples, but after 2 years we still aren't sure about that. I've gotten exactly ONE apple off that tree in the last 2 years. Maybe this coming summer it will bear more apples for us. Our cherry tress are doing much better, but unfortunately we've had some late spring winter storms that killed off the majority of our cherries. What the winter storm doesn't get, the birds usually do. I'm hopeful to have a much better cherry yield very soon.

Photos to come.

I love flowers, I always have. Roses are my all time favorite. Several years ago my son and husband made me some really nice flower beds in our front yard and by the
south side of our house along the drive way. Every year I plant all kinds of wonderful flowers there (mostly annuals, but I do have a few perrinials). I'm very much looking forward to growing my own assortmet of flowers in my new greenhouse!

Photos to come in the Spring of 2013