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Pricing Information

This page contains links to pricing information of Knapstein Brewery and Color Shop items. As much information as possible has been included for each item, such as: size, condition, auction price realized (or asking price if in an antique shop), location, date, type of sale, etc.

Inclusion of items here does not mean they are items in our collection. Our goal is to include as much market information as possible so users of this site can get an idea of fair market prices. Several examples of each item would be ideal to show trends. Special "deals" or trades are not included, as they do not reflect average market prices.

Of course, any item is worth what the buyer is willing to pay for it, so there will sometimes be extraordinarily high prices because of auction bidding wars. Please keep this in mind if you are pricing an item to either sell or buy.



Bottles / Glasses



Miscellaneous Paper Goods: Matchbooks, Postcards, Media Advertisements

Miscellaneous (everything else)

Posters / Signs


Knapstein Color Shop